Purchase of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals

Ferrous scrap metals and non-ferrous metals are not the same waste. Sorted according to the type, controlled and processed, „garbage“ becomes valuable secondary raw material. Schrott-Waltner has the experience and competence for the high-quality processing and recycling of all ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap. At the two Graz locations, Bahnhofgürtel and Raiffeisenstraße, the delivered scrap metal is first weighed, controlled in accordance with the high safety regulations and sorted according to the quality assessment into currently 298 types (various ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap, car wrecks, etc.). Until the scrap is treated, it is stored in suitable intermediate storage facilities, quality-tested again after the final sorting and production process and then charged for shipping and weighed.

Absolute Security

Exact accounting is kept for each delivery, the legally compliant documentation and verification for the waste balance of each customer are a matter of course. Each scrap metal is routinely inspected for closed hollow bodies and explosive devices in addition to the normal quality control and also checked with regard to even slightly increased radioactivity of natural origin (eg. concentrated nuclides from lime deposits on pipes) or of artificial origin (including certain, registered, fire detectors that are not allowed in scrap metal).

In-Depth Know-How

Determination of alloy is carried out by means of an analyzer. Recyclable materials are thus adequately hardened and tempered as well as marketed in a targeted manner. The quality of the - often manually sorted - batches is correspondingly high.

High Service Quality

The company's own fleet of vehicles with a large trough and container pool ensures quick, easy and clean handling at the collection point. The customer-oriented attitude and expertise of the entire Schrott-Waltner team guarantee tailor-made solutions.

Attractive Payment

The weight determination of scrap and old metals is carried out on calibrated bridge and metal scales. The payment and material compensation is made either at current market prices or by means of a previously agreed fixed price guarantee - individually according to customer requirements, by cash payment, crossed check or prompt bank transfer.



Decades of practice in the field of dismantling of metal structures allows Schrott-Waltner, commercial and industrial customers in the course of plant expansion or decommissioning of old production lines to offer optimized total solutions. Efficiency, technical know-how and a high level of environmental and safety awareness characterize every work step - from planning through implementation to reprocessing.

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Certificied Security

The experienced dismantling team meets the highest safety standards according to the „SCC“ certification (Safety Certificate Constructors). Schrott-Waltner thus meets the specific requirements of the petrochemistry and the paper industry.

Guaranteed Competence

The broad spectrum of experience from various dismantlements and the most up-to-date technical equipment promise a fast and reliable order execution.

Highest Environmental Standards

Compliance with the strict legal requirements is not only a duty, but a corporate philosophy. Special attention is therefore given by the dismantling team to the noise-free and dust-free works.

Market-Oriented Payment

The attractive compensation prices for the dismantled scrap metal offer often the client a welcome amount of scope when planning the budget for new plants to be build.



Today, the majority of the scrap metal is produced in a variety of material composites. A precise analysis and material separation is a prerequisite for the high quality reprocessing or the disposal of non-reusable parts. Disposal thus means more to Schrott-Waltner than just pure waste disposal. As with scrap metal, reprocessing is becoming increasingly important for other materials as well. Only in the last instance materials should take their way to the landfill. Schrott-Waltner not only possesses the necessary know-how but also the necessary collector and practitioner permits. A convincing advantage - especially for companies that have an environmental management system themselves.

Optimized Outsourcing

The tailor-made individual solutions from Schrott Waltner meet all company-specific disposal requirements. Schrott-Waltner „Outsourcing“ offers a variety of disposal services „around the scrap“. From loading on site to detailed material analysis, which is often accompanied by the logistics consulting of manufacturing companies in purchasing. A special customer advantage of the Schrott-Waltner total disposal concepts is, among other things, the bundling of waste disposal trips and the related time and cost savings.

Disposal of End-of-Life Vehicles

The „classic disposal offer“ includes, among other things, the disposal of end-of-life vehicles. Two car drain stations initially remove all hazardous liquids and wastes from the end-of-life vehicle. The remaining, cleaned scrap metal is sent to the recycling process.

Sale of Usable Products

A sale of usable products is currently only limited and possible by telephone advance notification.

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