Schrott Waltner, the specialist in metals, dismantling and disposal.

The traditional Graz company has more than 90 years of experience in the professional collection, sorting, processing and the subsequent professional recycling and disposal of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. Operating throughout Austria, the company offers cost-efficient and customer-oriented overall solutions for waste disposal companies, manufacturing and processing business entrprises, large-scale industry, energy suppliers, the automotive industry, municipalities, farmers and also private households.

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50 employees provide service-oriented and individual customer service at the two locations in Graz as well as in the field service: From purchasing through homogeneous batch bundling to controlled delivery to the steelworks or the foundry. Overall solutions are tailored specifically and flexibly to individual customer requirements with the highest quality awareness.

Scrap metal is logistic intensive. Optimized disposal logistics and state-of-the-art processing technology are therefore the prerequisite for rapid order processing and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. A process that requires an average of two working days from receipt to delivery of the finished scrap metal at Schrott-Waltner. The company's own fleet of 15 lorry trailer - equipped with state-of-the-art disposal equipment and a large container pool - guarantees immediate and clean scrap collection at the collection point. After comprehensive material and security checks, the scrap metal is sorted partly with six large excavators, partly by hand, and separated from the unusable. The recyclable scrap metal and metal parts are then shredded with two 800- or 900-ton large shears or by means of oxyfuel cutting torches in the standardized dimensions (according to European scrap metal type list) or into the desired size ordered individually by the industrial customer. For ecological reasons, the finished recycled secondary raw material is loaded predominantly on rail.

Customers and consumers benefit from the fact that Schrott-Waltner has the backing of an international network. The advantages of membership of Scholz Austria GmbH include not only creditworthiness and reliability, but also synergies in processing and (international) sales opportunities.

What sounds obvious is expressed in the low-emission and low-noise vehicle fleet as well as in the environmental awareness that goes beyond the legal requirements. The management systems were designed according to the quality management standard ISO 9001 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001. The implementation and permanent improvement of the management systems are an integral part of the Schrott-Waltner corporate philosophy. The ongoing controls are carried out by external auditors of LLOYD’S REGISTER and the Styrian environmental authorities.

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Our suppliers and customers were very satisfied or satisfied with us in 2018.


Scrap metal is valuable

There is a great need for steel and non-ferrous metal scrap worldwide. Natural resources are running low and the costs of producing and transporting primary raw materials are increasing. The solution to the problem is recycling. Iron and metal scrap can be melted down as often as desired and processed into new steel and metal products without any loss of quality. Today, more than half of the steel worldwide is already made from scrap metal. For example, in aluminum scrapping, the production of „secondary aluminum“ requires only about 5% of the energy compared to primary aluminum production.

That makes scrap metal valuable; as a contribution to the conservation of the environment or resources and as an economic consideration: Existing materials are returned to the economic cycle as low-cost, high-quality and sorted-separated secondary raw materials.

Steel scrap is 100% infinitely often recyclable


Disposal services as well as the processing of the collected ferrous and non-ferrous materials for remelting are the core activities of our company. Customer satisfaction comes first and guarantees our operational success.
We strive to act in a spirit of sustainability to contribute to a healthy environment.
For this reason, we have decided to design, implement and continually improve our management systems to the following standards.

As a certification company LLOYD’S REGISTER Certification GmbH supports us in doing so.

Competence in scrap metal.

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